The LAWEH Open University College is the first and only accredited Open University College in Ghana and second in West Africa. The University was established in the year 2014 as an open supported learning institution to offer certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate Programmes. LAWEH is a global partner of Open University of Tanzania.

LAWEH Open University College has its Headquarters situated at Teshie-Nungua on the Addogon road, off the Spintex-Baatsona Road, near Lekma Polyclinic, Accra-Ghana.

What you should know about Laweh Open University College:

  • Laweh University creates the environment needed for contemporary e-learning and delivers programmes that meet the best international standards.
  • Laweh provides high quality open supported learning programmes that are geared towards meeting employability needs and also feeds industries across the African continent.
  • Laweh uses flexible approaches to make higher education and personal development opportunities convenient and accessible to all learners.
  • Laweh believes in providing innovative, comprehensive academic programmes that offer you top quality instruction, high institutional standards, best practices across the globe and a broad range of educational opportunities. 


A world class open higher education provider founded on the principle of useful and applied learning.


To provide a world-class learner centered open higher education that shall produce effective and ethical leaders who shall create and deliver value to meet the needs of societies, anytime, anywhere. We believe our first responsibility is to our students, employers, communities and then all other stakeholders. In meeting their needs, everything we do exemplify Leadership, Innovation, Flexibility, and Entrepreneurship (LIFE) and for impact. Our aim is to provide education without barriers where international faculty and students talents shall be nurtured and turned into abilities for global impact.

Core values

The University leverages the following values to achieve its vision and mission:

Leadership to Laweh means thinking and acting for success and the necessary constructive changes that enhance quality of life

Innovation to Laweh means solution oriented learning for creating, harnessing and turning ideas into solutions for constructive change.

Flexibility to Laweh means education, anytime, anywhere for value and success in an ethical way. The idea is to enable students retain some control over the time, place, pace and path of the students.

Entrepreneurship to Laweh means applying knowledge to deliver value.

These four are the key driving forces of LAWEH’s existence.



Our educational philosophy is to provide an opportunity for education without barriers that shall produce middle to strategic level leaders to be responsible for their own learning and personal transformation through our educational offerings. As our philosophy, the University:

  • Provides the avenue for talents to be identified, nurtured and turned into abilities for global impact.
  • Provides experientially based, flexible and cost-effective tertiary model that incorporates productive work experiences and leadership development for all students to provide true value.
  • Provides an opportunity for both students who fulfill the criteria and those who do not fulfill all usual admission criteria to have access to higher education, similar to many open universities across the world.

Broad Institutional objectives of Laweh

1.Teaching and Learning

2.Strategic Research

3.Community Service and Development

4.Publication of Academic Journals

5.Media Publishing Services. Work with academics to generate learning resources, including e-resources.

6.Collaborative project management. Support the genesis and delivery of collaborations between its members, particularly those involving the sharing of learning resources.

7.Study Centre System. Establish a functioning center that can support other study Centers nationwide. This would involve seeking access to existing networks and be identifying new locations. LAWEH shall explore opportunities for working with the private sector and other interested parties to provide computer labs and e-assessment centers.

8.Professional Development of OSL staff. LAWEH shall serve as a capacity building center for ODL in Ghana. A Centre of Excellence/Academy involving international partners to provide a mechanism for the achievement of international standards of excellence.

9.Generic OSL brand promotion. LAWEH will contribute to the efforts in promoting Open and distance learning in Ghana and the region.



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