The IT Directorate was established by the University in order to keep up with global trends of integrating the power of information technology to better deliver effective teaching and learning services.


Information Technology Services will be become a Centre of high performance excellence that advances learning, teaching, research, and empowers students from diverse countries which is aimed at the promotion of innovation in higher education technology and transformation of academic excellence.


The mission Information Technology Services is to provide secure, reliable, and integrated technology solutions in alignment with the University vision and mission. The IT will be in support of this mission, we will:

• Partner with the University community to understand the information technology needs of faculty, staff, and students.

• Provide leadership and planning for the effective and strategic use of emerging technologies.

• Demonstrate technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement.


Providing leadership in the execution of ICT services, documentation management, development and implementation of ICT management systems and strategies and technology infrastructure.

To provide excellent service by being consistent, agile, reliable, and accessible to all.

To provide excellent Student/Staff centered services that are responsive to the changing needs of teaching and learning in higher education.

To maintain an effective staff development programme to ensure that IT staff continue to develop the necessary skills to provide high-quality services and support to Students and Staff

To dedicate a constructive, team-oriented environment, gathering varied perspectives, sharing knowledge, and building effective partnerships with key stakeholders.

To encourage creative and critical thinking in the development of technology services and solutions.

To leverage open communications and thoughtful business processes to be accountable in our interactions and our work.

Additionally, the IT Department is responsible for:

• IT Policy & Strategy development and implementation

• Network design, planning, installation and maintenance

• Configuration of Software and Operating system, testing, installation and support

• The License Control of all Software purchased for use within the University

• The creation of Database, maintenance and administration

• The implementation and Monitoring of the best practice information related security processes

• Maintain server functions for email, internet, databases, file storage and administration

• End user IT training, Data management services and Technical Support Services

• Promotion and Marketing of the University in all Social medias platforms

• Website design and development

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